Bolinao – Alaminos, Pangasinan, PH

Planning a getaway that will fit your schedules, likes, and budget is so hard. You just don’t want to spend more on a place that you will not enjoy. It is waste of money. Might as well spend on a vacation that you’ll surely won’t forget.

My “summer friends” and I planned to go to Pangasinan for our” 1st year anniversary” getaway. We planned to go to Bolinao and Alaminos. We rented a van for our tour. The van was worth P 10, 500.00 good for 10 persons. We rented it for our whole Manila-Bolinao-Alaminos-Manila tour. My officemate and friend, Roxanne, has a friend who knows the company owner for vans for rent. She was the one who recommended it.

Our meet up was at Trinoma at 10 pm in the evening. We depart at 11:45 pm and arrived at Bolinao at 4 am.


Stop over at Adora’s Restaurant to order tapsilog worth P 85.00. We decided to take out the food and have breakfast at the falls. I haven’t tried the famous superb lomi worth P 50.00 since everyone was still trying to achieve a good sleep and don’t want to get out of the van yet.

After we ordered the tapsilog, we head straight to our first destination, the falls. Supposed to be, we will be visiting two falls, Tara falls and Bolinao falls. Unfortunately, Tara falls was closed at that time. So we headed to Bolinao falls. 


The falls is not that high. The water is clear. You can see small fishes. However, there are some litters and there are lots of flies. We rented a cottage for P 150.00. The parking fee for our van was P 40.00. We ate our tapsilog in the cottage. There are no tourists yet at that time since we are early

Getting to the falls was so muddy. I was so “lucky” that my slippers broke. I have no choice but to walk through with bear feet. So bring with you an extra slipper.


After the falls, we went to St. James the Great Parish Church. There is a market near the church where I bought some slippers. Not willing to walk with bear feet anymore.


Then, we went to UP Marine Science Institute where we are “supposed” to see Giant Clams. However, the guards are looking for email confirmation that we are allowed to visit the place. Ugh, we are getting desperate on unfortunate events on this tour. This’s what happens if its a DIY.

Anyway, we then went straight to Enchanted Cave.


There were  Coral Rocks or Limestones and Giant Clams Fossils everywhere the place. Proof that it was once part of the sea.


There is also an underwater cave where we swam at the cold water. I t was deep in the middle but there are ropes where you can hold if do not know how to swim. Anyhow, there are still guides inside.


After the cave, we went to Cape Bolinao Lighthouse.


The place was scenic. Picture-perfect. This is what we are waiting for — adventures! We are starting the rest of the day right. 🙂


Then, we went to Patar beach where we had lunch. This was also our last stop in Bolinao as we are still going to Alaminos. We are supposed to be waiting for sunset since everyone was telling that sunset here is awesome but we need to go ahead to Alaminos as early as we can so we need not drive on the road late at night. 



We stayed in Ivy’s transient house. It has two rooms. One has 3 beds and the other has 4. It has a bathroom and a kitchen with stove and utensils so you get to cook for yourself. It was also a walk away from the Hundred Islands.

The next day, we started our Island hopping. First stop was the Quezon Island.


We only passed at the other islands since there are so many and some are not yet available for public.

* Marcos Island – where we cliff dive at their underwater cave. Unfortunately, each of us did not get a good picture when we are about to jump. Thank you to our bankero.


* Governor’s Island – where we climb to the top to see the whole view of the Hundred Islands.


The place was also picture perfect.


* Bat Island


*Other activity – We experience helmet diving. The helmet was very heavy. We got the chance to touch the sea  floor and look like Sandy, the squirrel in Spongebob Squarepants (insert laugh here, hahah). We play with the fishes, giant clams, and Nemo, the clown fish. 


All in all, we had a great adventure in Pangasinan especially in Alaminos. We almost forgot what we did in Bolinao.

We got back on our house at noon. Took a shower and had a quick lunch. Pack our things up, clean the room, bed and utensils. We thanked Ms. Ivy, the owner of the house for a great accommodation. And then, we head on our way to Manila at 4 p.m. 

Oh! Almost forgot, we bought some pasalubong like dried fish and squid which we saw on the way.

We arrived in Manila at around 11 p.m. Tired but fulfilled. 🙂


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