Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel VS. Nawawalang Paraiso Resort and Hotel

Before we got to Lucban, Quezon and decided to stay overnight, we searched over the internet of hotels or resorts near Kamay ni Hesus which can accommodate our group for a very affordable price. We were undecided between Batis Aramin and Nawawalang Paraiso Resort and Hotel.

Batis Aramin offered us a room for Php 7,500.00 which is good for 16 persons. A fully air-conditioned room with six (6) Queen Size beds, two (2) bathrooms, a flat-screen TV, a kitchen and a balcony with a long table where you can eat and chat. The room itself was very accommodating. Inclusive in the rate was the use of their pool. Other activities like Zipline, Wall Climbing and Rappeling has different rates. The best thing about Batis Aramin is that it is right across the Kamay ni Hesus Healing Church.

Whereas, Nawawalang Paraiso Resort and Hotel offered us a Dormitory-type Cottage good for 12 persons for Php 5,900.00. A two-storey fully air-conditioned room with six (6) bunk beds, bathrooms with hot and cold water, living room area with TV and a kitchen. Additional pax is worth Php 110.00 (entrance fee). They gave us a discount so we only paid Php 88.00/ pax. The resort was 15-30 minutes away from Kamay ni Hesus.

Because we are on a budget, we decided to stay in Nawawalang Paraiso Resort and Hotel.

At the entrance of the resort
At the door step
The house we stayed in.
Living room and Kitchen area. (Photo from their website.)
The second floor. (Photo from their website.)
View outside the house
The pool area
Nawawalang Paraiso Animalandia

The place was clean and has a very good landscaping. The staff are very nice and accommodating. There is also a restaurant in the resort where you can eat. However, we decided to have a boodle fight so we headed to the market to buy our food.

The best way to explore a place and to know more about their culture is to go to where there are lots of people, the market. There, we bought two (2) banana leaves for Php 3.00 only. We bought cooked rice in a carinderia for Php 10.00 each. The owner asked us why we bought so many rice, so we told her that we are from Manila and we are there for a small trip. She welcomed us to their town and told us to enjoy the place. We also bought two (2) whole roasted chicken in a near Chooks-to-go stall and gallon of water and ice in a near convenience store. We looked for a place where we can buy Pancit Habhab. Unfortunately, Pancit Habhab was not available at that time. So we settle with a small bilao of Pancit Lucban worth Php 350.00. Once done, we headed back to the resort.

We rented a cottage for Php 600.00.


The next thing we did was night swimming. The water was cold, very cold. So if you guys cannot bare the cold, do not force yourself or else you might suffer hypothermia. Then, we enjoyed the rest of the night in our house chit-chatting spooky horror stories and I hate it. *insert crying emoticon here, haha*

The next day, we checked out as early as 7:30 am so we can attend the mass at Kamay ni Hesus.


Kamay ni Hesus

Just in time for the Lenten season, my friends and I decided to go to Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban, Quezon, a short escape from stress at work.

We were 15 in the group. We rented a van for Php 6,000.00 for 2 days and a night. We took the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) to reach Lucban town proper. It was a 3-4 hours ride from Manila. 

Be sure to pack light. There are plenty of pasalubongs you can’t resist to buy.

 These are my travel buddies for this trip.

Our first stop was at the Minor Basilica of St. Michael de Archangel which is known to have the longest nave or aisle among the Spanish colonial era churches in the Philippines.  


My friends ♥
Yep, it’s me. Hi! 🙂

There is an on-going mass at the church when we arrived but we were not able to attend to since most of the girls wear short so we just decided to stay outside to respect.

The next thing we did was to find a resort where we can stay for a night and is near the Kamay ni Hesus Shrine. We were undecided between Nawawalang Paraiso Resort and Hotel and Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel. Please see separate blog here.

Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel VS. Nawawalang Paraiso Resort and Hotel

Above all, we chose to stay at Nawawalang Paraiso Resort and Hotel. We checked out as early as 7:30 am so we can attend the mass at Kamay ni Hesus.

Kamay ni Hesus Church
View inside the church. (Photo not mine)

After the mass, we started climbing the grotto where you can pass through life-size stations of the cross. Reaching the top was truly rewarding. You will see the Statue of Ascending Christ.

Kamay ni Hesus Shrine

Aside from the grotto, you can also visit Noah’s Ark, Garden of Eden, and Pasalubong center just behind the Kamay ni Hesus Church. There is also a playground for children. After we bought pasalubong, our last stop was at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan. We had our lunch in there floating bamboo rafts. We ordered Sinigang na Sugpo, Fried Tilapia, and Pinakbet. 

Floating bamboo rafts (Photo not mine)

Pilipit-Kalabasa for Php 6.00 only

After our lunch, we started our roadtrip back to Manila.