Mt. Tibig

This post is dedicated to my very first time to hike a mountain.

We were six (6) in the group. No one in the group has ever climb this mountain. It was only suggested by one of our friend who saw it on Facebook. It was stated that the mountain is good for beginners. So there we planned to go on a hike. We searched for blogs about it only to find few. We based our trip on the blogs we found. You may used the ff blogs for more details.

So there, on the morning of April 18, 2015 we started our trip to Batangas.

We had a side trip in Lobo beach. We saw it on our way to the mountain.

This is the road to the start of the trek. Thanked God for a beautiful day.

It was late afternoon when we started trekking. Tour guides are also required. We paid Php 500.00 for our guide. I am happy and excited but also scared at the same time. I am happy because this is my first time and I always wanted to try to climb a mountain. I am scared because I don’t know if I can make it.

The start was a long steep assault so I suggest to wear a trekking sandals instead of what I’m wearing – rubber shoes. Haha. You also need to pack lots of strength since it was the time you really need to lift yourself up. The trail path is so narrow and you are literally on the edge of the mountain. And for someone like me whose afraid of heights and always lose control of my balance, lots of courage and faith is needed. We also had to admit that we slightly underestimated this mountain since based on the blogs we have read, this was good for beginners. By the way, we are three (3) beginners in the group. We continued to walk until we reached the top. It was merely 5PM when we got there. These are our rewards.


We are all tired and wasted. But all those feelings were swept out with these views. We stayed for a moment for a rest and to take photos. When we started to go down, we met a couple of mountaineers who will go on an overnight stay on the summit. We got down at around 7PM.

And I can tell that this is another check on my bucketlists. Or should I say that this is the first check on the list of mountains I will hike? πŸ™‚


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