Day 1 : Things to do in Ilocos Sur, PH

We arrived at Vigan, Ilocos Sur at dawn. It’s a perfect time to witness one of the reasons Vigan became one of the 7 wonder cities in the world. History is preserved in every detail of these structural houses. You can really have that vintage, classical feeling walking through this street – the ever known Calle Crisologo.

These houses are stores through the day where one can buy their pasalubongs. Different kinds of crafts, foods, and other souvenirs can be bought.


So before the crowds crash, I don’t want to miss this chance to take a ‘follow me to…’ selfie (or backfie? How do you say it? LOL).


We spent more than an hour here before having our breakfast. Breakfast was supposed to be before this one but we insist to see the lights of Calle Crisologo at daylight. Going to our next destination which is the Baluarte – a private place owned by Mr. Chavit Singson that offers mini zoo, farm, life-size dinosaur structures, and museum full of hunting collections of Mr. Singson.




There are also souvenirs that can be bought here. Please make sure that your hats, sunglasses, and sunblocks are ready. There are several long walks and you wouldn’t want to get sunburns as souvenirs, would you?

Our next destination is the RG Jar. A family owned jar-making place in Vigan.  The owner is a relative of my friend, Xaan. We learn how jars were made and we got to experience it by ourselves.


 Since we don’t want to miss every moment we are here, we make sure our itinerary was strictly followed so we get to see everything Ilocos has to offer. Next stop was at Bantay Church with the well-known Bantay Bell Tower. We take time to say a little prayer inside the church. The Bell Tower was beside it so we went there after. There were a lot of tourists and it was nearly noon. We did not have the chance to go inside the tower. We just enjoyed the view afar.


Ilocos has several museums. What do you expect in a heritage city? One of the museums we visited is the Marcos Museum – where memorabilias of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos were stored from his military to political career. In a glass coffin is where his body rested and has been for public display also but picture taking is not allowed.

After having lunch at a nearby convenience store, we went to one of the UNESCO World Heritage sight – Paoay Church.  The reason it is included in the list is seen in its preserved structure; very historical, very detailed. This may also be the perfect time to change outfits. You know what I mean… 🙂


Our last stop for our first day in Ilocos is at the Malacañang  of the North – Marcos’s official residence. These are some of the attractions inside the house.


That was a long day but so far we are enjoying our stay in Ilocos. Now, we’re on the road to Pagudpud because it is where we will be staying for the night. We stayed at Martina’s Homestay. Please see my review here.

Hey! Thank you for reading this Part 1 of our 3-days summer vacation in Ilocos Region. Click here for the second part:

Day 2 : Things to do in Ilocos Norte, PH


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