Day 3 : Paoay Sand Dunes 4×4 Ride and Sand Boarding

Saving the best for last! Of course, we will not leave Ilocos without trying their sand dunes 4×4 ride and sand boarding – the adventurous way to end this escapade.

If you haven’t read our Day 2, please see it here:

Day 2 : Things to do in Ilocos Norte, PH

This thrilling 4×4 ride’s mechanic is you get to stand at the back of the jeep, hold on tight to whatever you can grasp, no harness or gears, and shout till you survive the slopes of the ride. This is more than a roller coaster, more thrill more fun. 🙂

Feel excited? Yes, that’s the spirit! We are ready too!

We were twelve in the group so we are divided into two to occupy (2) two 4×4. By the way, the fee for the sand dunes including the sand boarding is Php 500.00 each.

There were a lot of slopes, deep and steep. See how high we came from with this one. We hesitated at first, but we’re here for God’s sake so might as well try. And, it never failed us. Hands up and cheers!

We stopped over near the beach to admire the view, take a break first and of course, more pictorials. After this one, we proceed to the location for sand boarding.

This one looks so easy but I’m sure it’s not. I already fell just in the middle of the trail. It really requires good balancing to finish boarding down the steep pile of sands without falling. And that is something which I’m not good at. But of course, you’re in Ilocos, don’t be so KJ! Hahah. Anyway, I’m not alone, we all fell. Hahaha 🙂

This is me 🙂

You can try sandboarding in a standing position or sitting position, whichever you’re comfortable or you can even try both.

These are my friends, Arcel and Kelly, trying the sitting position.

There is an unlimited time here. You can try and try until you make it perfect or until you get tired because you always had to climb up again in the pile of sands. This is really recommended to all the adventure seekers out there. A must-try in Ilocos.

Hey! If you want to laugh even harder, please watch our video here uploaded by my friend on Facebook. We were using Gopro Hero 4 to shoot this video.

After all the adventures, nature tripping, history and time travels, long weekend is over. We had so much fun. We got back in Vigan to buy some pasalubong before we drove back to Manila. There were a lot of souvenir stores selling printed shirts, bagnet, Vigan longanisa, and other local delicacies. But I think, we already had the best souvenir we could ever get much more than the things we could ever buy, and that is the gift of friendship. 🙂


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