Martina’s Homestay in Ilocos Norte

Our first day in Ilocos was a blast! We had the chance to tour different beautiful sights Ilocos Sur could offer.  But the day is over, and from Ilocos Sur, we drove our way to Ilocos Norte particularly in Pagudpud because there will we be staying for the night. We stayed at Martina’s homestay.There are a lot of transient houses in Ilocos Norte. The one we stayed in is near Saud Beach. Some of my friends had the chance to roam in the beach. We, girls, are busy in the kitchen preparing for our dinner. By the way, before we got in the house, we passed by a market to buy what to cook for. It’s up to your group if you want to eat already cooked food in a restaurant.

Martina’s homestay has two (2) rooms, a sala, dining area, kitchen, and two (2) bathrooms. They also have terrace and a garage for your car. Each room has a queen size bed and a queen size bunk bed that can accommodate six (6) persons each. Both rooms were also air-conditioned. There were kitchen utensils provided and can be used.


There were moments of brownouts. The owner of the house has generators but it is not enough to accommodate all the electricity  for their house and for the house we stayed in so it’s best to bring also with you a portable flashlight.

Nevertheless, we had a good night sleep. We rested well and ready for our second day!


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