My thoughts on going to UAE

I never really thought of working abroad. Travelling? Yes, that is on my list. But working overseas, away from families and friends, and starting a life in a different country is another story. So why am I here in this situation? Haha! I don’t really know.

It was six (6) months ago when I decided to resign from my previous company. It was a great three (3) years experience working in a bank. But there are times that we need to step forward and outside of our comfort zones. The only mistake I think I made is being confident that I would get another job  as soon as possible. I actively looked for a job for almost three (3) months. I passed employment exams, confidently answered interview questions (well, as for what I thought), and they keep telling to wait for a call for a possible second interview or the next step or whatsoever. I made follow-ups but didn’t receive any feedback nor calls. That’s when I gave up (don’t be like me, haha).

My cousin first went to UAE. Her mom (my aunt) works in Abu Dhabi so is my dad. In a month, he already found a job. And everyone in the family and relatives keeps convincing me that I should try. They say it is easier as long as my father is still working there.

I weighed the consequences. I read blogs. I asked friends already working in Dubai and most of the time they have positive answers.

  • EASY EMPLOYMENT APPLICATIONS. If you got the skills, you’ll get hired right away.
  • HIGHER PAY. I may find a job that will pay a lot higher than what I may receive in the Philippines. Just don’t choose jobs first. If it fits your skills and the offer is reasonable, go for it! You’ll eventually land to your preferred job with even higher pay.
  • TRAVEL! Of course, we all know UAE has a lot of skyscrapers. There are the famous Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and other tourist destinations like the Jumeirah Beach, Palm Islands, Miracle Garden, Ferrari World and so on. The skyline that is so instagrammable, haha! Lots of shopping malls too, but they say it’s kinda expensive. So, don’t buy things unless you need it or on sale.
  • INDEPENDENCE. Not in the way that you can do everything you want without your parents seeking your every move thinking you were still eighteen (18). Independence comes with responsibility. After all, you will be living your own. And there are lots of things you’ll learn while being away.
  • NEW BUNCH OF FRIENDS. Living away doesn’t have to be living alone. And for a country who has a diverse culture, a lot more tourist than locals, you’ll meet different kinds of people that will eventually became friends and you can call your second family.
  • EXPERIENCE! I haven’t been to UAE yet but I knew I will learn a lot from it and will appreciate life more.

To this writing, I can say that I am 99% emotionally, physically, and mentally ready to go. There may still be 1% fear, doubts, and what ifs but I don’t want to think of it too much because it won’t get me anywhere. I just think of why am I doing this in the first place. Stick to the goals and they will all be realized someday. And PRAY! Of course, nothing beats prayer .

So help me, God. UAE, here I come!

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3 thoughts on “My thoughts on going to UAE

  1. Hello RG!
    I agree, why don’t you come and see Dubai for yourself? Coming abroad is always a risk. It doesn’t guarantee anything. The success of others may not be yours. In the same way, their misfortunes may not happen to you as well. While reading your blog, I can see that your hopes are much higher than your fears. How can you tell if you will stay there?

    I could also see that you being jobless for months might be God’s one way of pushing you towards something greater. That might be Dubai 🙂

    Tell me more and I’d love to help you in whatever way I can. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I am actually ready to see and experience Dubai in less than a month. It’s a mixture of excitement and nervousness since this is my first time to go abroad and I will be travelling alone. Indeed, God has His own way! Hope to see you there! 🙂


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