Happy First Month, UAE!

Time is really flying so fast.

It has been exactly a month since I came here in this sand land. It has also been a month since I made a post. I focused on job hunting with a bit of… wandering.

careerThe job market is tough. Jobseekers find it hard to look for that dream job. Others would settle for low-paying jobs just to have a working visa. Others were lucky to stumble upon a job that offers salary enough to pay for their expenses and can still save a little. (Photo credits : here)

The same is true for me. I am really having a hard time getting that job offer. For the first week, I keep on applying for jobs online, especially on websites like Naukrigulf, Indeed, Dubizzle, Bayt and more. I only got a call for interview after three weeks. The first interview didn’t go well. The second call I got was with a money exchange company. It has written and typing exam. The interview comes after and I was told that they will give me a call. Then, I knew it already by that “giving a call” phrase. I don’t know what has gone wrong. Perhaps, that job is not for me. I also walk in offices in buildings around our area to pass CV. My flat mates also help me by asking their friends if they have vacancies.

Honestly, it is a feeling of pressure, overthinking, and sometimes stress. Maybe all jobseekers felt this way. But I won’t let those negativity take charge. It won’t do anything.

Yes, it’s been a month and I still have two months to find that one. It will come. I just have to wait and work on it. Any competition is always tough but I have to be tougher.

Other than the job hunting, I am enjoying my stay in the country. I have visited quite a lot of tourist spots here. I’ve already seen the ever famous Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall, Burj Al Arab from afar, and Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. I will visit again soon and will make a post soon 🙂 haha! I still have to familiarize myself with the transportation.

So… might as well greet myself, Happy First Month, UAE! Looking forward for more. 🙂


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