Reality Check in UAE

I came with high hopes.

Hopes that were slowly fading away like the wind blowing the sands of this desert land.


It’s been 4 months since I moved to UAE. A lot has happened.A lot of job applications. A lot of interviews. A lot of expectations. A lot of rejections. A lot of frustrations. A lot of hopelessness. A lot of regrets. And a lot more negative thoughts I can think of.

I have days when I feel hopeful. There were more days when I wanted to give up.

Because not everything I expected will go smoothly as planned. I know also that I am not the only one experiencing adversity. Every expats, perhaps, experience the same and some are worse than mine. Even so, I just cannot bear to think of positive thoughts to lift my spirit up.

But then…

I already came this far. If I give up, I am a loser and I wouldn’t be able to face any other challenges as an overseas worker. I put in mind that this is just the start of building my career in this country and a few downs is not too bad. I’ve learned not to think to much, not to stress or pressure myself, mostly not to compare myself to other people.

I was able to join a young company for a month but there were issues with quota that is why they cannot provide employment visa. My 3-months visit visa is expiring at that time so I had no choice but to exit in Oman, where a lot of expats go when their visas expire and wait for their new visa. I came back with another 3-months visit visa hoping this time would be different. And it is!


I’m already training with another company for more than a week now. Training is for two (2) months and if all is well in the training, they will process the employment visa. Inshallah!


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