Lost in the Desert

It was Big Eid or Eid Al Adha – the Feast of Sacrifice in Islamic tradition. But the only thing we sacrificed that day is a little amount of AED 150 to enjoy an afternoon full of adventure and a night full of fun.

Just an hour and half ride by an off-road 4×4 enclosed vehicle from the hustles of the city to the bustles of this tour in the middle of the Al Ain desert. We, my colleagues and I together with a German couple, buckled up ourselves for safety during the drifting.

As I already experienced sand dunes in Ilocos, Philippines, this is no new to me. The only difference is that, in Ilocos, we got to stand at the back of the 4×4 without any buckles but just holding to rods behind the truck while the sand bashing continues. And find it more thrilling feeling the wind against your face, bouncing up and down, left and right, and shouting at the top of your lungs.

Anyway, Abu Dhabi Desert Safari has so much to offer, too. Sand dunes was about a 40 minutes drifting with twice stop over to enjoy the view and for photo ops. Of course, I wouldn’t waste any chance for that instagrammable photo that deserves 100++ likes! (Lol)



Aside from the sand dunes, we also had the chance to see a camel. Definitely! This is a desert, right? Desert Safari adventure will not be complete without seeing a camel and a chance to ride on it.

Daysie and I were trying to take a good selfie with this one but he’s being too clingy and I’m really laughing at this photo. Hahaha! Spent here until sunset before we headed to our last activity of the day – eating!




We went to the camp where the last activity is waiting for us. Arabian night – food, barbecues, Arabic coffee, sisha, henna tattoos, and belly dancing, not to mention the sand boarding and ATV ride.

It is very overwhelming to see different people having fun together without minding the differences in culture, nationality, and status in life. We just enjoyed the moment of break from the rest of the world.




Thanks to Desert Rose Tourism for a great experience! For reservations, please contact their hotline number  (+971) 50 177 7458 or email at uae@desertrosetourism.com.


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