Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort

Unplanned trips are certainly those which pushed through.

Just before the office hours is over, the team decided to go on an overnight stay in a resort and hotel in Fujairah – Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort. Fujairah is one of the seven emirates that make up United Arab Emirates.

We packed some stuffs, travel essentials, and poof! Here we go. It was a long drive from Abu Dhabi. About 2 am in the morning we arrived at the hotel, prepared for barbeque, sisha, and some cocktail drinks.

 The next day, we explore the resort.

The place is surrounded by mountains. There are a lot of amenities and activities to do including snorkeling, diving, kayaking, banana boat ride and more. There is swimming pool and private beach overlooking this big ridge called the Snoopy Island.








First getaway for 2017! Even if the long drive is tiring, it does not remove the fact that we enjoyed this small trip, forgot for somehow all the work pressure and breathe some fresh air.


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