Dubai Miracle Garden

Who would have thought that there is a garden of flowers in the middle of the desert. I mean, not really in the desert. Come to think of it, I’ve been living in U.A.E for quite a long time and perhaps whenever  someone would ask me anything about this place, the first things comes to my mind are hot, desert and buildings.


In the main bus terminal of Abu Dhabi, you need to ride a bus going to Ibn Battuta, Dubai. Then, ride the metro train going to the Mall of Emirates Station where there are buses going directly to Dubai Miracle Garden.

Entry fee for adults is AED 45/- for children below 12 years of age is AED 35/- and infants below 2 years of age is free.

This year the park’s theme is “Sunflower Lovers.”


Dubai Miracle Garden


The garden also features a life-sized replica of Emirate plane A380. Just imagine how many flowers needed to plant to fill this plane.



This is absolutely perfect for families and friends who wants to escape the bustle of the city.


Aside from a bunch of flowers, there are also several food and beverages stalls inside the park. Strictly, they do not allow visitors to bring food from outside.



Dubai Miracle Garden located in Al Barsha South 3 opens everyday. It is best to visit during cold season from December to mid February as they close on summer.



n. /wawl-flou-er/

Sometimes a flower, often a person.

A person that is…

Quite most of the times but with lots of thoughts going on their mind.

Hates to be alone but not confident being with a lot of people.

Struggles to blend in.

A listener more than a speaker.

Prefers writing than long conversations.

Who wants to be noticed but don’t want the attention.

Shy, uncomfortable and awkward.

Has insecurities.

Who wanted to try to be different but afraid to get out of comfort zones.

Someone who is just like… me.

I’m a wallflower, a nobody.

And I hate it and love it at the same time.